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Experience the emotional journey of Ordinary Angels, a captivating drama inspired by a true story, directed by Jon Gunn and featuring a stellar cast including Hilary Swank, Alan Ritchson, Nancy Travis, and Tamala Jones. Released on February 23, 2024, in the United States, this film is touching hearts and leaving a lasting impact on audiences across the nation.

Download Ordinary Angels in HD (720p, 480p, 1080p) from Filmyzilla, 123movies, and Reddit
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Cast and Crew:

Director: Jon Gunn
Writers: Meg Tilly, Kelly Fremon Craig



At the heart of Ordinary Angels lies a tale of compassion and community spirit. The story follows Liz Dietrich, a dedicated hairdresser, as she mobilizes her entire town to aid Luther, a single father desperate to save his daughter in need of a life-saving liver transplant. As Liz and her community rally together, they exemplify the extraordinary power of ordinary people coming together for a noble cause.

Extraordinary Performances:

Critics and audiences alike have praised the performances in Ordinary Angels, particularly those of Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson. Swank’s portrayal of Liz Dietrich resonates with authenticity and compassion, while Ritchson’s depiction of Luther captures the raw emotion and resilience of a father fighting against all odds for his child’s life.

Heartwarming Reception:

Originally slated for release on October 13, 2023, the film’s premiere was postponed to avoid conflicting with the highly anticipated Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film. However, this delay only served to build anticipation, and upon its release, Ordinary Angels quickly became a must-see for audiences seeking a deeply moving cinematic experience.

How to Watch:

To witness the inspiring story of Ordinary Angels, visit the official website at for information on theaters screening the film near you. Alternatively, explore options for digital download through reputable platforms.

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