13 [EXCLUSIVE] Reasons why I switched to SiteGround

Do you want a review site to bring me honest opinions about how Siteground web hosting performs?

So when I switched to SiteGround, I was thinking the same thing you are. I wanted to know what others were saying about them.

Here I share with you my own experience why I switched to Siteground web hosting. And yes, this website is also using SiteGround hosting. (www.mustreviews.com) Don’t worry, and you have already taken the first step.

Ok, let me give yourself 5minutes more to read why I decided to switch my hosting to Siteground. Let me tell you what I like about SiteGround.And the reason why I chose to go along with them.

Siteground Has Security-First Mindset

Are you confused about your current web hosting security? Yes, before switching to Siteground, I have also been confused about how my site is secure.

But now I realized that Siteground gives a proper security priority to customers. Their team continually monitors the security and secures the customer’s site properly.

siteground security mind set

A team of dedicated security experts always inspect track of daily software vulnerabilities on a server. They actively write security patches, and they enhance to protect possible attacks. Secure security of site is one of the reason why I switched to siteground.

Siteground Has An Excellent Loading Speed Server.

Before switching to Siteground, my loading speed was always lazy. It scored 90 to 93 (max) in google page speed insights. But after switching to site ground, my loading speed became so fast. Now my site makes a score close to 100 in google page speed insights.

You know that now page speed is one of the main factors for search engine optimization.SiteGround builds up another new protocol on its servers to speed up when users have poor internet availability.

siteground new quick protocol

My site speed is increasing 4times better after using Siteground hosting. That’s why Now I have not needed to worry too much about my website’s speed. It is the big reason why I switched to Siteground hosting. The google page speed insight my site has scored close to 100.

siteground makes website 4X faster

Mind-Blowing Quick Response Supporting Team.

Yes, Siteground has a swift response team. They are always accessible 24/7 to help and support us. If there were any problems, they helped us eagerly. Everyone who takes the Siteground web hosting can get a world-class supporting team. I am also one of them when I have felt some issues. I communicate with them to resolve my problems.

They support through multiple channels. A. Instant Self Help, B. 24/7 Help. They offer live chat, phone support, helpdesk tickets, and also AI bot. This system is so helpful. I have also appreciated the comfort of their company for every customer.

Siteground support team with expert

Instant Chat Support.

Chat response is another best way to communicate your problem to experts. They respond quickly, and they guide you to solve problems within a few minutes(less than 15 minutes).

I was having a CSS issue with my website. Even their incredible chat support helped me diagnose and fix the problem on the 24 April. Here is the screenshot of excellent instant chat support.

Their customer support is mind-blowing responsive than other hosting providers, which I experienced.

siteground excellent support
Excellent quick support.

Siteground Uses Google Cloud Platform.

Recently SiteGround operates on Google Cloud to create a compelling and technically superior hosting service. Google is regulating one of the fastest and most robust networks. So customers get quick results for the websites as SitegGround using the service of Google. They continuously improve them self to provide the best hosting in the world.And it is also one of my reason why I switched to siteground.

siteground use google cloud platform

Fair Price & Service

It’s right what you get from Siteground hosting compared to its price that is so reasonable.

They offer different types of hosting, such as Web hosting, WordPress hosting, CLoud hosting, etc. They also provide extra service Here is the image check it,

Siteground offer three plans –

Startup B. GrowBig C. GoGeek

siteground price

StartUp Plan – It is the best plan for those who are new on blogging and have only one website to manage. It costs $6.99 for the first month, and you have to pay $19.99 per month. Here is the list of what you can get from this plan.

Feature – 1 Website. – 10 GB Web Space. -10,000 Visits Monthly. -UnmeteredTraffic. -Free WP Installation. –Free WP Migrator. -WordPress Auto Updates. –Free SSLDaily Backup-Free CDN-Free Email-WP-CLI and SSH-Unlimited Databases-100% renewable energy match-30-Days Money-Back

GrowBig Plan. – It is the best plan for those who, intermediate experts in the field, have unlimited websites to manage. They get all the features of the start-up plan. As an extra, the site has distributed 25000 visitors monthly. You also get on-demand backup copies, speed boosting and catching staging.

Key Feature. The main difference here is you can get unlimited websites: free SSL, email, 20GB space, and 25000 visitors per month.

GoGeek. – It is for professional experts, lots of traffic on their website, and more broadly. Here you get every feature that siteground offers to their customers.

Key Features. – Unlimited Websites – 40 GB web space – 1lakhs visitors per month – White-label Clients – Priority Support

If the price is high for you then go to Bluehost. Read our BlueHost vs SiteGround reviews article where you get the exact difference between siteground and Bluehost.

Price is in your budget if you are a professional expert and want to grow your site into the next level. The price is reasonable comparatively. The cost is $14.99 for the first months. Then you have to pay $49.99 per month.

Specialized WooCommerce Hosting.

Customers can automatically build their online e-commerce store with the WooCommerce plugin along with Siteground other’s unique features for WooCommerce hosting. And the attractive professional theme.

And you can do secure WooCommerce transfers. The surprising fact is it is free when you are using siteground Woocommerce hosting. Ecommerce stores with the full function will be ready within a few minutes -There is no technical knowledge required to set up your store!

For your WooCommerce platform, they have created Woocommerce hosting separately. It’s excellent, which I have rarely seen from any other website hosting company. Siteground has specialized hosting for Woocommerce.

But the price is not different. It is the same as the above plan, but it is specialized for eCommerce sites.

siteground specialised woocommerce hosting plans

Free Daily Backup

Yes, SiteGround provides daily backup free with their hosting plans. I have to take a premium account to backup daily or other alternative free options when I do not use the siteground. But here, the daily backup is free with the hosting plan. There is no need to pay any extra costs. That is the reason why I switched to siteground hosting.

The backup of the site is necessary because hackers hacked the site unknowingly, or all the data was mistakenly erased. So daily backup can protect you from losing your data from your website.

When you require to restore any type of files, folder on your account, you can click on the daily backup icon, which automatically makes a backup file for your website.

For the restoration process, click on the Backup Tool icon under the backup manager section of your cPanel.

Siteground Free daily backup
siteground daily backup system

Free SSL – Let’s Encrypt Your SSL.

First, I am not aware too much. I have paid to get SSL certificates for my websites. Yes, it’s essential to have SSL (https://) for your website.

The customers can get the SSL certificate for lifetimes to install on the website, and it’s free with web hosting plans. You have not to pay any extra charges or hidden fees. That’s the big reason why I choose to move Siteground web hosting,

Siteground developed an in-house integration with Let’s Encrypt that automatically allows us to issue and renew certificates for hassle-free user experience. All new sites using Siteground hosting get the free Standard SSL enabled.

siteground free ssl encrypt

Get Automated WordPress Free Migration.

There are indeed no problems with migrating the site totally to their hosting. It is super and easy to access. I have also checked what they said. And yes, it is so easy to migrate your site to the Siteground.

To start with, you need to introduce a migrator plugin on the site you need to relocate. Afterwards, you get a token from your SiteGround Site Tools. Then put the token keys in that plugin. The Migrator will migrate all of your content securely.

For a better understanding, here is the screenshot of the migrator plugin. And the best is that it is free of cost with siteground web hosting plans. While others have demand extra charges for it like Bluehost web hosting company.

siteground free auto migrator

WordPress Auto-Updates.

Siteground has developed exclusively to update WordPress automatically. Their WordPress tool automatically inspects your site if the application is working correctly. If it detects any points, it will revert the changes and notify you.

In the Cpanel, you see a section of WordPress tools. Under that section, you can see an icon named WP auto-update.

It’s also a great thing that attracts me to switch up my hosting to a siteground.

wordpress autoupdate

SiteGround Uses Latest Technologies.

Their web facilitating is collected on the best accessible latest technologies joined with its one of the special arrangements made in-house.

They continuously try to give customers 100% satisfaction by updating themself with the latest technology.

They now use NGINX delivery to serve static content such as images, CSSCpanelor, improving browser caching for your site, and make CDN usage easier.

why i switched to siteground

Anti-Bot system prevents malicious traffic.

Siteground also has an AI ( artificial intelligence) bot to prevent malicious traffic. According to the data(source: SiteGround Technology), their AI systems block between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per day and stop malicious traffic before reaching customers’ websites.

A system of real-time server checks health.

A unique monitoring system checks the status of the server every 0.5 seconds and detects ongoing problems and automatically fixes many of them. You can also prevent potential problems.

Siteground Exclusive Tools.

That’s right; they have exclusive tools for their customers, which helps you better results.

12.1 SG Super Catcher

It is a powerful catching solution to accelerate website speed 4X faster than regular websites developed by Siteground. And it is available to all the customers, and they provide three caching options.

I have also witnessed it. Now I am not using any CDN service or any caching plugin, even the speed of my website is excellent.It’s the reason why I switched to siteground.

siteground super cache plugin

Yes, your guess is right. I am using the SG Super catcher. In the below, check the image of the seed of my site using site ground web hosting in Gtmetrix test. That means my speed is faster because of good hosting like SiteGround.

page speed using siteground hosting.

12.2 SiteGround Staging Tool

It is also a useful tool that provides you to make and preview changes to the site without losing its previous versions. It is the tool to preview new templates, design, and new codes. It allows you to make a backup copy of the site in a separate place with just a click. With this tool’s help, I have tested my site’s look multiple times without any worry of losing data.

siteground staging tool

Multiple Server Locations

Siteground offers the modern green-friendly infrastructure to support their customers.

Siteground provides you with multiple server locations. And you can select your area from one of them according to your audience on the website.

All of the data servers of siteground hosting offer high availability, low latency, and reliability, and also all the data networks are green friendly. Siteground has a CDN network with 194 locations globally.

Like me, most of my audience has come from the United States. That’s why I choose the server location near my audience location. That helps to improve the performance of my site.

siteground multiple server locations

Exclusive Bonus. Money-Back Guarantees Within 30 Days.

On one side, the company has tried to give its customers 100% satisfaction. But if you are not satisfied with the hosting of Siteground, don’t worry. They provide customers with a money-back guarantee under 30 days.

money back guarantee of siteground

They also offer a trial. But it is recommended (by me) that you not go for a trial option because you have to pay more when you switch to any plan. Because first, you have to pay setup fees for the trial. After the ending of trial-time, you choose any plan for their company.That’s the reason why I switched to Siteground. Because even I am not satisfied I can get money back .

But at the first attempt, you can take the plans which are suitable for you. If you are not happy or satisfied with the hosting, you can claim money back within 30 days.

siteground aswome reviews

Final Conclusion – Summarise

I hope you already understand why I switched to Siteground. And yes, not only me but also most of the customers are happy to use Siteground web hosting. Other customers are also satisfied using their hosting on their websites. Still, confused with BlueHost vs SiteGround hosting? No need to worry check other articles. There is no doubt that Siteground is one of the best hosting providers in the world.

Siteground also scans your site daily to protect by detecting malware things by their partner Sucuri. Switching to WordPress to siteground hosting plays a vital role in my online journey. They have a security-first approach, free SSL, daily backup, and more features because it is easy to use. And the best thing is their instant chat support to fix my issue or problem at any time.

who recommend siteground web hosting

Some FAQ s

1. Does the SiteGroud web hosting service offer free CDN and SSL on all plans?

Yes.SiteGround Provides Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) and Free CDN(Cloudflare) with all their plans. That’s the one of my basis why I switched to siteground web hosting.

2. Do you know who officially recommends SiteGround?

WordPress.org recommends Siteground. And also, Woo, Yoast recommends Siteground officially.

3. Are there any hidden fees after purchasing the plan?

No, I have not experienced it till now. ( 24 June ) . If I have the experience, then I update it.

4. Is price different when you choose a WooCommerce plan compared to other policies?

The price is not different, and it is specialized for the eCommerce site set up.

Thank You