SmartVideo Revolution Review: DONT Buy Unless you read this.

Making videos and video ads for your products have always been a quite challenging task. As you need to invest so much time and money into the process, and still may not be beneficial.

Only top and big brands make such ads and videos for product marketing and also are successful with it. Today, video contents attract audiences. People tend to remain more on a website with more videos.

Thus, the need for personalized video content in the small scale industries is growing.

SmartVideo Revolution is a product which will help you do the same. We have been testing this product for you to see if it is useful.

What is SmartVideo?

SmartVideo Revolution is software used to make personalized videos. These videos increase your conversions and bring traffic to our website. They also help in promoting you on social media.

VideoRemix is giving people a Complete Video Personalization Creation Suite. This helps you create amazing personalized videos for fantastic ads, commercials, infomercials, etc.

So what does this software do?

  • Make your videos Smarter, Epic and more Cinematic with the personalization features.
  • You can create brilliant videos with your own recorded
  • Give the video a melodious song; create the perfect mood with the sound.
  • Share the videos with Email Campaigns, Business prospecting. And even on Social media like the Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Keep track of your sales, conversions made, and customers attracted.

Features of Product:

  • Import videos from YouTube, Vimeo or use your existing video clips to create amazing videos.
  • Edit the videos using Personalized Video Editor with unique features. Such as Blending Modes, Animated Transitions, Dynamic Texts and Audio
  • 3D and 360 videos played on mobiles. Along with Cinemagraphs and Video Wrapper graphics.
  • Personalization done on a different basis, such as – name, email, image, city and custom personalization.
  • You can enhance your videos with a vast built-in library of high-quality base videos, stickers, animations, giphy, and texts.
  • You can share the videos around the world. Show it to your targeted audiences via emails, social media posts, ads and commercials.
  • There are some features to promote your works like consultant kits, contracts and Scripts.

Who is to use this?   

  • Entrepreneurs – People who have a start-up with few workers and a low budget. This product is ideal for you, as this is affordable in comparison to a consultant, whose fee is much more.
  • Small industries – These also have low funds and have a minimal audience. Thus ads from an agency would cost more.
  • Individuals can make money by selling ads. SmartVideos make fantastic ads for sale.
  • Creators – use this for creating Oscar-winning videos.

Benefits of SmartVideos

  • Easy to use – It has a straightforward interface which anyone can use with ease. It is as easy as using your Smartphone.
  • Prices from $47 at launch and then monthly, this price is affordable compared to paying thousands of dollars to an agency for very less content.
  • Mind-blowing videos that make the customers stay longer on the page.
  • A large number of built-in features are available.
  • Easy sharing of videos and ample sales tools are present.

The only shortcoming is that there is no long term subscription. There are monthly payment options after the launch period.

These SmartVideos would have saved my friend a lot of money. Back when he started his online shopping business, he was not doing well. The company was not famous, so he needed to promote his business. The only way back then was through a consultant agency, which costs a fortune. He got a couple of ads but for a large amount of money.

My take On SmartVideos

If I were starting a new Start-Up and needed some editing software, I would go for the SmartVideo Revolution. And the reason would be

  • It is affordable, considering you are starting or are a small business.
  • Easy to handle, the training they provide is easy and takes no time.
  • Lots of features are provided right from the start.

This product is an excellent choice to buy if you are looking for a combination of editing, sales and sharing tools.