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The Mobile Money Machines System The product is a very unique software, that fuses together two of the largest buyer pools in the world and allows users to make easy commissions.

Here are some examples of the most common used search operators when using Google:

Can add + (for exact) instead of synonyms or use “inverted commas”

* for wildcard e.g. inurl:blog “weight loss for *” * works for partial words e.g. medic* returns medical, medication, medicinal, medic

.. for number range e.g. “viewed 20000..199999″ (200k cap) “viewed 20000..*” (won’t work) “viewed 20000..199999″ +weight loss “viewed 20000..199999″ +weight loss “submitted on: * *, 2008″ (all 2008 articles)

Number range can be combined with date-based search operators to locate when articles were created in a specific date range “viewed 20000..199999″ +weight loss “submitted on: * *, 2011″

intitle:keyword or intitle:”keyword phrase”shows the number of (Google) indexed pages with that keyword in a page title (i.e. SEOd for it)

Can also use allintitle: and intitle: can be added together e.g. intitle:pregnancy intitle:”weight gain”

With e.g. intitle:seo chicago, results will show pages with seo only, chicago only or both whereas

allintitle:seo chicago will have both in title (can also use “”) (be careful with metric)

inanchor:keyword or inanchor:”keyword phrase”shows all indexed pages with (some, not all) links to that page using that exact anchor text (cannot be combined with other operators) (use with SEOQuake)

allinanchor: specifies that all of the words must be used in the anchor text links pointing to a page e.g.

allinanchor:weight loss diet (will find all words)

inurl: specifies an element in overall URL e.g. forum blog

Several additional operators make the inurl: command particularly powerful (SEOQuake) e.g.

inurl:blog “weight loss”

inurl:blog “weight loss” “leave a comment” (“post comment”)

inurl:blog: “weight loss” “leave a comment” –”comments are closed”

inurl:forum “weight loss”

inurl:forum weight “Page 1 of 1″ (Google Groups Hijack) inurl:blog “post a comment” inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments are closed“ inurl:blog +”post a comment” -“comments are closed” -“comments off” +”YOUR KEYWORDS HERE”

inanchor:keyword or inanchor:”keyword phrase”shows all indexed pages with links on the page using that exact anchor text (cannot be combined with other operators) (subset) (problematic) (not currently working) “weight loss” command check for fake page rank

Use “Advanced Search” link instead of operators (operators will appear in search box)

Use Google Scholar for academic journals

define: command e.g. define:301 redirect

filetype: command e.g. filetype:PDF “weight loss”

~: command for related terms (good with –negative operators) e.g. ~diet –weight loss

“how to get rid of *“ (wildcard)

“add URL” KEYWORD (resources pages)

Look for sites mentioning you/your site but not (yet) linking to you:”terry kyle” – sure -minus- sign is used and not dash)

Don’t forget “Google Alerts”

WP: “powered by wordpress” (-“comments are closed“) (-“comments * closed“)(outsource) “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment”

“powered by wordpress” (outsource)

BlogEngine: “Powered by BlogEngine” –”comments are closed” “”Powered by BlogEngine”

Forums (using SEOQuake):

“Powered by PHPbb” KEYWORD (“Page 1 of 1″)

“Powered by vBulletin”

“Powered by SMF”

“Powered by IP Board” –

1) Read and test the product

2) Don’t copy what someone else wrote about it, this is your review and no one elses!

3) Write with confidence and state clearly what do you really think about the product

4) Make your thoughts relevant to the subject, don’t drift
(When writing product reviews it’s good to mention reasons why you would want to use a product that does something in the first place)

5) Keep it short and to the point

6) Make it simple and concise

7) Write  it in a structured and ordered way so it will be easy for your readers

8) Make the review balanced not too opinionated and not too many details and facts

9) Research the theme with good details so your review will show special parts that will make the difference.
(To Research the theme with good details is go to go to forums to find out what the biggest issues are that people are facing, and what they really think about the product you are considering promoting. If you find all the reviews on forums to be terrible, it’s better not to promote the product.)

10) Be specific and clear so the reader will be able to easily understand your overall opinion of the product in review.
(You need to make sure you think it through and put yourself in the seat of the potential customer and write what they want to read, not just another sales pitch!)